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As a church of the world, we are called to address significant social issues that affect the common good. We seek to bring God’s justice not only in the world but also in the church. As a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America there are social policy documents, adopted by the churchwide assembly in accordance with our policies and procedures.

To know more about how The BRIDGE interacts with the greater world please visit the ELCA website: www.elca.org

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

The ELCA is a community of faith that shares a passion for making positive changes in the world. Our faith is built around a strong belief in God as made known to us in Jesus Christ. Through worship, service, and education, we practice our faith, grow our relationship with God and experience God's grace in our lives. Learn more about What We Believe.

We also work hard to put our faith into action. In today’s complex world, we strive to make a difference in practical, realistic ways.

With nearly 10,500 congregations across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and nearly five million members—we welcome you to experience this church right in your community. Explore the ELCA, and help us celebrate our gift of faith—with action.

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