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Through the grace in the cross of Jesus we live REAL lives through...

HONESTY: We will be real about our lives, which are filled with struggles, sorrow, and joy. We strive for honesty with God and one anotheróbecause we know we're not perfect and we refuse to pretend we are.

MYSTERY: We believe faith is knowable, but never fully comprehendible. Faith is not as black and white as we would prefer or many Christians might assert. But there is a significant degree of gray and paradox in which we must learn to be comfortable.

HOLISTIC WITH SIN AND ALL: Life cannot be separated into its spiritual and material components. Rather, our lives are integrated wholes where each aspect of life affects the other. God desires to transform every corner of our individual and corporate being, whether that be our intellects, our emotions, our physical health, or our relationships.

RECONCILIATION: In pursuit of the Bible's call for interpersonal reconciliation and unity, we're taking the first steps down a long and difficult path toward the establishment of mutually understood, compassionate, and inclusive relationships between people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and socio-economic positions. We insist on keeping these issues in our hearts, on our minds, and from our lips as we seek to become a people who share the life that Godís love and grace for everyone .

ADVOCACY: We are a church of the world who understand that Jesus Christ sought justice and mercy for the outcast and oppressed (socially, economically, ethnically, etc.) and we are called to no less.

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